2021 Tween girl holiday gift guide

If the tween girls in your life are anything like mine, they are hyper aware of what everyone has, what they don’t, and are constantly switching up their latest obsessive must-have. Here’s what’s been a hit in my household over the last few months with a wide range of prices from $5 up to $100.

  1. Coming in at the top of our list this year—Air Force One’s. Thank you for the memories, Nelly. Remember, depending on the size of your daughter’s feet, you may be able to save a few bucks by getting the kid version instead of the women’s! They go up to a size 7 in kids.
These go up to a Size 7 in Big Kids, which can save you $10

2. Hydroflask – These still seem to be all the rage. We have this one, and thanks to Amazon’s crazy pricing, I bought it for only $26 one day. I always try and keep items saved to a wish list so I’m alerted when it goes down in price!

Prices vary by color, so if you aren’t picky – you can get a good deal.

3. Clay Beads – I’m a huge fan of this trend because the bracelets are cute, pretty easy to make, and the bead kits are cheap. At our house, electronics/tv have to be off at least 30 minutes before bed, so usually my daughter will either read or make a bracelet before it’s time hit the sack. I also recommend getting an extra order of just white beads since they tend to go through those so fast.

4. Pop its/Tangles – All the kids still have these, but somehow they aren’t so “cool” to have out in class now. Except… my ADHD kid needs them! We recently started using these tangles, which are silent and slightly less conspicuous that other fidgets.

5.Roblox gift cards – When in doubt, spend the money on something that isn’t adding clutter to your house. It’s insane to me how much money has been spent on this platform over the last 24 months, but my kids love it, and it brings them joy and doesn’t take up any space in the house!

6. Giant floats for summer – It may be cold now, but pack these suckers away for next season. Between float nights, private pools, and all the photo ops these can provide a kid’s social feed—they’re sure to be a hit.

So many to choose from!

7. Bean bag chair cover – Is anyone else’s house overflowing with blankets and stuffed animals? Because my daughter never met a blanket she didn’t have to have. Last year, we got her this empty bean bag cover, and it sits on a window seat in her room. It stores SO MANY blankets and stuffed animals! Then she can just pull out a few as she needs them. Be warned though, I’ve also found it stuffed with clean (?) clothes in the hopes of avoiding folding and putting them away!

Ours has never been this smooth, but the lumps don’t seem to bother anyone!

8. Personalized blanket – I know, I said we have too many. But this has been such a hit in our family, and I give it for new baby gifts all the time. My daughter has a larger one though, and it’s the softest blanket I’ve ever seen. I can’t recommend Highway 3 enough for all ages! They also make beach towels, make up bags, and a few other things too. We have all of them, and they are all wonderful.

9. LED curtain lights – This is a really cheap and easy way to enhance your daughter’s room. Be warned, at only $9, these do not also come with the curtains they way it’s shown in photos! However, as you can see in our picture, you don’t really need it. We’ve had these up about a month, and my daughter loves them! One warning, we also have LED bead lights around her ceiling, and the remotes conflict with each other, which does get annoying!

10. Make up and make up remover – Keep it simple, but for sure, get that girl some towelettes or something to help her wipe it all off! Mine keeps begging for foundation and I try over and over to explain to her that her skin is too young and perfect to need it. Enjoy your life, sister!

Have more ideas? Help us out! Share them with me over on Instagram.

Published by Ashley Adams

Author, former single mom, lover of Cherry Coke Zero and Taylor Swift. Here to coach and support and love on women in challenging relationships.

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