2021 Toddler Boy Gift Guide: My favorite gift ideas for my little guy

My youngest son is two and a half, and obsessed with all things cars, fire trucks, and construction. All with a bit of Blippi, Paw Patrol, and Go Buster built in!

I’m listing some of my favorites to save as you’re shopping this holiday season, but I’ll caveat all of that with—use your Facebook groups first. I just used my 25% off any toy coupon from Target to buy my son a ride on John Deere tractor, and you know what else I bought for $15… a dozen other John Deere toys in various sizes that someone in my neighborhood was selling! So on Christmas morning, we can have a little trail of all of the smaller toys to lead him to the big ride on one!

As you look for great gifts to add to your Amazon wish list, here are some of my favorites I’ve bought over the last 6 months or so for my car and cartoon-obsessed little guy.

  1. Anything Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars. We have a ton (again, most found on Facebook for free or cheap!), but it’s something you can’t have too many of. They are in our cars, my purse, diaper bag. You name it! This $20 box is a great gift box for the holiday.

2. Books for kids that you’ll enjoy too. I love No Reading Allowed or P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever. They are hilarious and can grow with your child! It makes for a great book for older siblings to read to your littlest guy as well.

3. Green Toys Car Carrier. This toy is AMAZING! My son is obsessed with tow trucks and car carriers, and this is perfect for the bath or pool—as well as just using around the house! We’ve used it in all three places. Amazon often has discounts on this too, so look for coupons!

4. Blippi Mini vehicles. We have the monster truck and dump truck, but they have a ton to choose from. Don’t be surprised when they arrive—they are SMALL! probably about 4″ but perfect for a stocking so easy toy to take around places.

5. Baby Shark musical puzzle. Ten bucks. Plays the song based on the character’s piece you’re putting in. Gets so annoying, but it’s easy to put together and the kids like it!

6. Hooded bath towels. I have 3 of these! My son is in the 99th percentile for height, and these fit him perfectly—with room to grow! I think the elephant is the cutest, but we have the monster and fox too, which we love!

7. Doodle board. These are cheap and always on sale. We actually keep this in the car for a quick activity in a pinch because it isn’t something that holds his attention in our house, with its variety of toys! But it’s colorful and grows with them over time. Both of my older kids had one and used in various ways over the years! We long ago lost the pen that goes with it, but a fingernail works just fine!

8. Water doodle mat. A clean and easy way to spread out on the floor and draw and color. My son has only recently started enjoying this, but now he pulls it out all the time. Fits easily in a drawstring bag. Quick tip: the water pens loosen/tighten opposite what is normal so I always feel dumb trying to fill them up! Also, those shape tracers went in the trash almost immediately.

9. Highway 3 blankets. This is my only non-Amazon link, but I am so freaking obsessed with these name blankets. All of my kids have them, and I have given several as gifts! They are the softest and coziest things I’ve ever seen. My toddler is getting an upgrade this Christmas to a larger size because he’s just about outgrown the small one. Join their mailing list or look for sales. There should be a good Black Friday one coming up. I think 30% off sitewide is the best I’ve seen. Free shipping or 10% off codes pop up often.

Good luck with your shopping this season, and seriously, don’t underestimate the value of used toys! Our kids go through these phases so quickly, of sometimes, it’s best just to spend the money on things that will last for a while!

If you have any other holiday ideas or suggestions, drop me a note or follow me on Instagram for more this season.

Published by Ashley Adams

Author, former single mom, lover of Cherry Coke Zero and Taylor Swift. Here to coach and support and love on women in challenging relationships.

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