I’m so glad you’re here.

Being a mom is hard. And when you’re doing it on your own, or with an unsupportive partner, it can feel nearly impossible. Been there. Done that.

I hope that wherever you are in your journey, if you’re already through to the other side or just starting the climb, you’ll enjoy my tips and stories along the way!

Latest from the Blog

2021 Tween girl holiday gift guide

If the tween girls in your life are anything like mine, they are hyper aware of what everyone has, what they don’t, and are constantly switching up their latest obsessive must-have. Here’s what’s been a hit in my household over the last few months with a wide range of prices from $5 up to $100.…

2021 Toddler Boy Gift Guide: My favorite gift ideas for my little guy

My youngest son is two and a half, and obsessed with all things cars, fire trucks, and construction. All with a bit of Blippi, Paw Patrol, and Go Buster built in! I’m listing some of my favorites to save as you’re shopping this holiday season, but I’ll caveat all of that with—use your Facebook groups…

Why losing a partner isn’t the end of it all—it’s just one chapter

I have a little bluetooth speaker in my shower that I love. The other day, I had on Apple’s “Country Faith” playlist and the Florida Georgia Line song “Blessings” came on. I love that song; I do. But after going through my divorce, I no longer believe that rings true for me—I just couldn’t be…

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