Ashley Adams

Hi. I’m Ashley. I’m a second-time wife, and a mom to 3 crazy, kind, and resilient kids.

I live in Virginia where my day-to-day life includes a job in marketing and being a mom, chauffeur, and tutor to my kids. I live off almond milk cappuccinos, Cherry Coke Zero and Taylor Swift.

Last year, I used my maternity leave with baby #3 to write a book about my marriage to an alcoholic and what finally drove me to leave and start again. There were no books on the market to help me, so I decided to write this one. My hope is no one ever feels alone in their low points and can find their way back to the peaks.

Since publishing, I’ve been figuring out what to do with the book and how much to make this ‘side hustle’ a thing. And I decided I’d be doing a disservice to you all if I didn’t keep talking and keep writing. So, here I am.

Photos by Elle Lappan Photography

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