Another pandemic school year and how we’re setting goals to make it successful

Last year, I told you all about how my family went out to this “fancy” dinner and we set goals, taught the kids manners, yada, yada, yada. My, oh my. We were so naive then about virtual school and Covid and just how hard the year would be. We made it through, but only just.Continue reading “Another pandemic school year and how we’re setting goals to make it successful”

Goal setting for the new school year

School starts tomorrow for my 2nd and 5th graders. It’s all virtual, and I’m fully prepared for it to be challenging, exciting, and more about adapting and growing as people than actually learning what they’re supposed to. To prepare them for this new season, my husband and I took them out to dinner last weekContinue reading “Goal setting for the new school year”

Controlling it all and the mental load

Jeff always said we lived in “Ashley’s World” and that I controlled everything. He was right—I did. I understood why he felt that way and why it triggered so much anger. He continually let me down any time I gave him any wiggle room, and I never felt like I could relax. I had toContinue reading “Controlling it all and the mental load”