Pre-teen frenemies, heartaches, and puberty: Everything I’m learning to survive middle school again

When my 5th grade daughter went back to school in-person in February, she was ecstatic to tell me about a new friend she’d made. Very quickly they were passing notes in class, FaceTiming on the weekends, and asking to hang out. We even took her with us to a long weekend at the beach. Honestly,Continue reading “Pre-teen frenemies, heartaches, and puberty: Everything I’m learning to survive middle school again”

Our surprise road trip from Virginia to Orlando

For Spring Break this year, I did something I swore I would never do—I went to a major theme park for the week. It was an impulse purchase a few months ago because the deal was too good to pass up, and I paid an extra $100 a person for “cancel for any reason” insurance,Continue reading “Our surprise road trip from Virginia to Orlando”

Planning a family road trip to Florida

Last Thanksgiving, I had a big Disney trip planned for our family. I love going down there immediately after that holiday and before the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I always find the crowds to be super light, and the weather is still a pleasing 70-something, compared to the 30s and 40s we’re starting toContinue reading “Planning a family road trip to Florida”

4 Things to Do to Create Memorable Birthdays

I am by no means a party planner. I don’t color coordinate well for family photos. I am an impulse shopper. And I’m constantly busy between my full time job, 3 kids, my side hustle, and keeping the house running. But what I do like to do is make birthdays special for my kids, andContinue reading “4 Things to Do to Create Memorable Birthdays”

Activity: A Daily Valentine Love Note

Over the last 5 years, I’ve grown more and more into a words of affirmation love language gal, and it’s pretty typical that the love we want to receive is the love we tend to give as well. I love writing little notes in my kids lunches and post-its on my husband’s bathroom mirror. AndContinue reading “Activity: A Daily Valentine Love Note”

An Interview with my 10 year old

Last month, I wrote about my interview with my seven-year-old son, Ryan. My family spent the first two weeks of November at a beach house while I worked remotely and they continued virtual school. It was a perfect change of scenery for us and the weather was unseasonably warm. When I told the kids IContinue reading “An Interview with my 10 year old”

Checking in on our blended family

A lot of times people forget that we’re a blended family. We don’t have custody issues to contend with. I don’t have an angry or vindictive ex. And my husband’s family loves on my older two kids with reckless abandon. I was officially divorced from my first husband over five years ago. He was anContinue reading “Checking in on our blended family”

The Other Side of Motherhood’s 2020 Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffers

This is a weird year. In some cases, I’m closer to my neighbors right now than members of my family or my closest friends! As we reflect on a year that was anything but ordinary, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things that have made it into my shopping cart lately—from bigger gifts toContinue reading “The Other Side of Motherhood’s 2020 Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffers”

An Interview with my 7 year old

My family has been on vacation at the beach for the last week, taking advantage of our work from home and virtual school shit show that is 2020. It was the first full week that I’ve taken off this entire year, and as it comes to an end, I barely feel like I’ve stepped awayContinue reading “An Interview with my 7 year old”