Reflecting 5 years later: Supporting young kids with an alcoholic parent

Last month marked five years since my ex-husband passed away from his alcoholism at the age of 36, only 2 months after our divorce was finalized and our kids were 2 and barely 5.  Shortly before he died, I was really starting to feel healed on a personal level. I was able to handle theContinue reading “Reflecting 5 years later: Supporting young kids with an alcoholic parent”

Checking in one month after Rise Health + Happy

Last month, my best friend and I had an epic 8 hour date. It was in my playroom, from my couch, with a train table as our coffee table and foot rest. We were watching Rachel Hollis and her team give us a RISE conference virtually. My friend and I both attended her first virtualContinue reading “Checking in one month after Rise Health + Happy”

Showing Grace for the Addict in your Life

Addiction is a hard and miserable thing for both the addict and for the addict’s loved ones. Let’s start with that. It’s hard to know what’s enabling and what’s showing grace and kindness. It’s hard not to scream and shout at them for letting you down yet again. And if you have kids, it’s hardContinue reading “Showing Grace for the Addict in your Life”

Recipes for moms who hate to cook

My first husband was a chef, and I got married when I was 23, so I really never had to spend my time cooking much. I love to eat, but I hate slaving away at something that is going to be gone in 10 minutes, if I’m lucky.  But now that I have 3 kidsContinue reading “Recipes for moms who hate to cook”

Trusting my gut: Handling the divorce process with an alcoholic

Apparently, I don’t always have the best judgement. When I was eleven, I liked Tonya Harding and thought for sure she was innocent. Now, she does shit like celebrity boxing. When I was in the 5th grade and watched the white Bronco speeding down the highway, I didn’t think OJ was a murderer. “Why wouldContinue reading “Trusting my gut: Handling the divorce process with an alcoholic”

5 ways to connect with your co-workers right now

It’s a weird time we’re living in right now. Most people still at home. Others who have been in at their place of employment this entire time. I often wonder which side of the coin is preferable, but I guess it varies by person. I’d hate to be working in a restaurant or grocery storeContinue reading “5 ways to connect with your co-workers right now”

The Biggest Struggle I Face with Food

Really and truly, I try not to let food run my life. But 37 years young, and here I am.  I’ve done it all—low carb, low fat, counted calories, worked out religiously. And still, my weight is within 10 pounds of what it was in high school, which was almost 20 years ago. It makesContinue reading “The Biggest Struggle I Face with Food”

This isn’t the end for the working mom

I can’t tell you the number of amazing articles I’ve read this summer that chronicle exactly how I feel—overworked, stressed, failing at everything. Working in the corporate world and trying to be an amazing mom right now feels nearly impossible, and when I read the articles about this being the end of the working mom,Continue reading “This isn’t the end for the working mom”

Goal setting for the new school year

School starts tomorrow for my 2nd and 5th graders. It’s all virtual, and I’m fully prepared for it to be challenging, exciting, and more about adapting and growing as people than actually learning what they’re supposed to. To prepare them for this new season, my husband and I took them out to dinner last weekContinue reading “Goal setting for the new school year”

5 books to inspire and get you through the tough times

Getting lost in a book, highlighter in hand, is one of the true joys in my life! For someone who didn’t like to read until college, I have absolutely made up for it since then. And when I need to escape from life or find my way through a problem, a book is a goodContinue reading “5 books to inspire and get you through the tough times”