4 Things to Do to Create Memorable Birthdays

I am by no means a party planner. I don’t color coordinate well for family photos. I am an impulse shopper. And I’m constantly busy between my full time job, 3 kids, my side hustle, and keeping the house running. But what I do like to do is make birthdays special for my kids, and that gets spilled over to me and my husband sometimes too!

Here I’ll share 4 easy things you can do to make birthdays special and memorable without spending a fortune!

  1. Cupcakes for breakfast. This is a tradition I’ve been doing since the kids turned one. It’s such a treat and a great way to kick start the day. When I get my act together, we also do half a cupcake on half birthdays too.
  2. Silly themes. This is a newer one for me, but it started last year when I asked my husband what kind of theme he wanted for his birthday and he jokingly said he wanted a “haunted” theme, whatever that is. But a haunted birthday he shall get. So I hopped on Party City’s website and ordered a ton of random Halloween decorations. On his birthday morning, I got up early and decorated and packed him a lunch filled with plastic, bloody body parts too! This year I let the kids pick his theme, and they opted for golf and Where’s Waldo, which made for an interesting morning!
  3. Birthday week notes. I’m obsessed with words and notes. And I love a good post-it or lunchbox note. And during the week leading up to someone’s birthday, I leave them for my kids or husband!
  4. Balloons. For my kids, we blow up a dozen or so balloons and leave them all over the floor of their room after they go to bed, so they wake up with those first! When I’m feeling motivated or have the extra time, I swing by and order some helium balloons the day before as well, and I store them in our guest room and close the door until it’s time.

Guys, it can be that simple. And because these are traditions I’ve been doing for years (the cupcakes and balloons), the kids look forward to them and have come to expect them.

Hit my up with any of your easy birthday ideas to make the day memorable @theothersideofmotherhood

Published by Ashley Adams

Author, former single mom, lover of Cherry Coke Zero and Taylor Swift. Here to coach and support and love on women in challenging relationships.

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